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Amazon Teasing Announcement For NES Classic Soon

by Damian Seeto


Not a lot of people own the NES Classic due to Nintendo not supplying enough stock to meet its overwhelming demand. Amazon has however teased that a cool announcement will be happening soon.

The Amazon Video Games Twitter page posted: “NES Classic fans: we’ve got a couple exciting announcements to make in the coming week. Stay tuned for more info soon!

This could mean that more stock of the NES Classic could be arriving at Amazon before Christmas. Don’t get your hopes up yet since it’s likely Amazon’s website might crash due to many people wanting to buy it.

The first time people wanted the console on Amazon, many orders were not finalized. People would put it into the cart, and then they couldn’t process payment details after that. A lot of people missed out because of the website not responding and more.

This has not been just an Amazon problem either. EB Games Australia suffered the same problem. Their website crashed as they underestimated the demand for the NES Classic. EB Games Australia won’t have more stock of the console until 2017.

People also want Amazon to find a way to prevent scalpers from reselling the console on their own website for hundreds of dollars. The Amazon Help Twitter said in response: “Sellers on our website are allowed to sell items at any price they feel is fair. However, we do have rules sellers must follow“.

Scalping is something that is hard to avoid as retailers cannot predict every buyers’ intentions. Although some people are scalpers, not every buyer is getting the NES Classic just to resell it later. There are actual people out there that just want to buy it for themselves or for a loved one this Christmas season.

Anyway, if Amazon does have new stock in for Christmas, good luck for anyone trying to get one. Hopefully genuine buyers get it to prevent the scalpers from getting it first.

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