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AMD will offer Battlefield 4 with graphics cards in new campaign

by William Schwartz


AMD is looking to bundle Battlefield 4 with its graphics cards in upcoming marketing campaigns. AMD’s “Never Settle” promotion has already seen some high-profile titles included in the program, and according to a recent interview out of GDC, the company isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

“It’s not official yet. But it was presented at the Game Developer Conference, and the AMD Gaming Evolved logo already appeared online in the context of the game. You can expect that Battlefield 4 will be a part of a Never Settle bundle,” reported by Heise.

DICE just recently revealed Battlefield 4 to the world, but that hasn’t stopped a long list of retailers from offering promotions for pre-ordering the game. Battlefield 4 is rumored for an October release, with a multiplayer beta due later this year.

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