Among Us Details New Shapeshifter Role

Become someone else, literally.

by Weilong Mao
Among Us Shapeshifter announcement image

A large update is slated to arrive for the game Among Us quite soon. Though it is said to come with a multitude of different features and roles, the majority of upcoming content is still under wraps. The developers did however unravel one of the new roles they had in mind, the Shapeshifter.

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Just a few days ago, The developer for Among Us, Innersloth came out with news for the role shapeshifter, one of the new roles that they are planning to add with the free update that they have announced a few months ago. The role of the shapeshifter is stated to be an imposter role and will provide alien crew members with new abilities to assist in completing their mission of sabotaging the ship and hiding amongst their common peers.

On the official website and their Twitter account, Innersloth discussed in detail what they had in mind for the role. The role is to be an imposter role that gives said players the ability to transform themselves into other players. The shapeshifter will take on the appearance of the player they are transforming into in their entirety, this includes the name, color, and cosmetics of the specific player they’ve chosen to disguise themselves as. The transformation will only last for a limited duration, and the shapeshifter can be caught red-handed during their transformation, leaving evidence behind. They will also be shown in their original appearance during emergency meetings whenever one is called.

The developers have previously indicated adding new content to their social deduction game later down the line of its life cycle. The last time that such was hinted at was during the Summer Game Fest, where a trailer implied that a fifth map was in the works. The trailer also featured names for some of the roles that are likely to join the Shapeshifter in the line-up for the new roles that are coming with the free patch, the role of Sheriff and Scientist.

Just recently, the game has secured a place on both the Playstation and Xbox consoles, with a scheduled release date of December 14th. Shortly following their announcement for the ports, the Dev team have also stated their intention to release with account linking in place, so that player progress could be maintained through the different platforms they play on.

With the release of such posts detailing the role of the Shapeshifter and what its intended functions are, perhaps it won’t be too long until Innersloth come out with further details about the roles that they have spoken of but have given very little details on, like the Sheriff or the Scientist. Or just maybe, a full reveal of what the fifth map is and what unique mechanics it will feature.

Among Us is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.