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Apex Legends: Emergence August 30th Update Patch Notes

A few bug fixes and stability updates

by Bennet Lockridge


A surprise small Apex Legends: Emergence update was shipped out this morning that addresses several small bugs, microtransaction issues, and a particularly funny knockdown bug. Season 10, also known as Emergence, has been off to a pretty stable start, with the first major update happening just last week. While this update fixed the oppressive Seer, there were still a few bugs and issues with the game that players were noticing, so this small hotfix should address some of those issues. Here is the small list of patch notes for the Apex Legends: Emergence August 30th, 2021 update.

Apex Legends August 30th, 2021 Update

  • Gameplay
    • Knocked players sometimes being able to jump
  • General
    • Steam “No price found” issue with Bangalore Edition
    • Miscellaneous stability fixes

While short, this hotfix should make the game feel even a little more smooth and stable than before. Additionally, steam players that consider themselves a Bangalore expert can purchase the new Bangalore edition cosmetic pack without any hiccups in the process. Finally, the infamous “leapfrog” bug has been fixed, making it so players can no longer jump around after being knocked down to avoid being finished out of the game. While this bug was certainly funny, there were some complaints about knocked players escaping and getting revived, so humor aside, it is a welcomed fix.

That is all you can expect with the surprise Apex Legends: Emergence update, but we expect a larger update and maybe even a collection event on its way soon, so stay tuned!

Apex Legends: Emergence is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms.

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