Apex Legends’ Next Lore Event Makes Duos Permanent

The Old Ways gives Bloodhound their due.

by Brandon Adams
Apex Legends' Next Lore Event Makes Duos Permanent

Respawn announced Apex Legends’ next lore event today with a blog post and lengthy story trailer, and they confirmed Duos will be added as a permanent mode in the update.

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The Old Ways event focuses on Bloodhound, Apex Legends’ mysterious hunter, and will run from April 7th to April 21st. There will be a new town takeover (Bloodhound’s Trials), an exclusive prize track, and limited cosmetics up for purchase in the cash shop.

Bloodhound’s Trials will see hoards of prowlers (alien monsters fans of Titanfall 2 will recognize) guarding high-tier loot in certain locations. They’ll attack you and your team if you are not careful, and engaging them will certainly give away your position.

A full list of all the cosmetics and rewards can be found on the official announcement for The Old Ways, but the big news can be distilled here: duos will make a return as a permanent option, as will map rotation allowing Trios and Duos to play on either Kings Canyon or Worlds Edge.

Now we just gotta wait and see if Respawn ever adds a permanent solos mode to Apex Legends. The competition did within a week of launching, so nothing’s impossible.

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