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ARMS Ver. 3.2 Trailer Teases New Character

by Jose Belmonte


Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming 3.2 update of its Nintendo Switch fighting exclusive ARMS. The trailer showcases new features like new camera functionalities or the introduction of achievement badges. However, what has got fans most excited is the small tease at the end of a brand new fighter joining the character roster. This new competitoris surrounded by an air of mystery, with his face barely discernible and his fists surrounded by flames. That makes him a unusually menacing addition to the cast.

The new badges are the game’s own version of the popular achievements from other titles, with these special prizes given to players who complete important tasks like winning a Grand Prix, fighting for 50 rounds, or earning vast sums of money.

It was also revealed earlier this week that Dark Horse comics is working on a graphic novel based on the game, featuring illustrations by Joe Ng, who has also worked on other comics related to Street Fighter, Darkstalker, and Overwatch. The graphic novel is expected to launch in 2018.

ARMS is out now exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Watch the new trailer for the 3.2 update below.

ARMS – Ver. 3.2 Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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