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Atlus Files Nine New Trademarks For Corporate Names

by Jelani James



Atlus Japan has recently filed nine different trademarks for various corporate names related to video games and electronic publishing.

Here is the full list of newly-registered trademarks:

— Atlus Development Studio

— Atlus Entertainment

— Atlus Entertainment Development

— Atlus Game Factory

— Atlus Game Studio

— Atlus Game Works

— Atlus Interactive

— Atlus Software

— Atlus Softworks

Though this might seem like an interesting development for some, what this means for the company going forward remains unclear. The only thing we know for sure is that all of these trademarks fall under Class 9, 28 and 41, which means they all have to do with video games to some degree.

Here is the definition for each:

— Class 9: Video game software for dedicated video game consoles.
— Class 28: Arcade video game machines and video game consoles.
— Class 41: Electronic publishing for entertainment locations.

Beyond what they allude to, these trademarks also mean that now any corporation within an area that Atlus operates in will no longer be able to use any of those phrases as a name or for any of their merchandise (if they weren’t doing so before).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Atlus has to use these at all. As we’ve seen from earlier this year when the firm trademarked three other names, the only notable moves it made since then was the formation of a European publishing team and a North American Online store.

With that in mind, while it might be worthwhile to call attention to this development, there’s no reason to read too much into it at this stage.

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