Australia’s fight against Video Games continues

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Apparently in Australia someone doesn’t like the video games too much.  As the country has been hit hard by censorship over the past few months, The Sun Herald, an Australian news publisher recently conducted a “Special Investigation” .

This investigation involved 14 year old Peter Baee attempting to purchase violent video games from various Australian retailers, which by Australian law, he isn’t supposed to be able to purchase.

Under the permission of his parents Peter conducted this “Special Operation”  on behalf of the media outlet.  During this time he visited six shops, in which five out of six sold Peter the offensive material.

Peter, the young prodigal politician claimed ” Games like these are becoming more and more lifelike, if you play this sort of stuff regularly, the violence, the killing, the drugs and everything, I guess it just becomes normal.”  Immediately after this statement Peter’s peers shunned him and proceed to T-bag him, while smoking crack, and beating hookers, during middle school recess.

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