Aztecross calls out Destiny 2 devs for “lack of PvP content” – and I agree

Bungie needs to improve the PvP in Destiny 2.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Recently on YouTube, Aztecross, a popular Destiny 2 streamer and longtime player, called out Bungie for letting PvP in Destiny 2 slip. If you’re even passively engaged in the Destiny 2 community, you know that PvP has been a big reason to complain for a long time. While I absolutely love Destiny 2, I completely agree with Aztecross — Bungie needs to do a lot more to make PvP better in Destiny 2.

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And the sad part is, we aren’t asking Bungie to do a lot to improve Destiny 2 PvP. In Aztecross’ video, he first goes over a Tweet thread from @kujay_, another popular Destiny 2 streamer, which breaks down how it is financially possible for Bungie to theoretically give us one new PvP map each season. After agreeing with that, Aztecross brought up an even simpler solution that the community has been asking for for a long time.

Though we’ve seen one or two vaulted maps come back into circulation in Destiny 2, an easy fix that Bungie could do right now is bring back vaulted Destiny 2 maps. Aztecross revealed eight vaulted Destiny 2 maps he’d love to see come back, including Emperor’s Respite, Equinox, Firebase Echo, Firebase Delphi, Gambler’s Run, Legion’s Gulch, Retribution, Solitude. And that’s not even including the Destiny 1 maps that could be added to make Destiny 2 PvP more fun.

Aztecross also mentioned that including a map vote option in PvP per match would be very fun, and I agree. It’s simple changes like these that could really revitalize Destiny 2 PvP.

From all his experience playing and covering Destiny 2, Aztecross believes Bungie doesn’t add maps to Destiny 2 PvP because they aren’t symmetrical, they have unfair spawn locations that need fixing, and they don’t work with the current meta. On behalf of the entire Destiny 2 community: we don’t care about that stuff! Let us play new maps and have fun; make Trials of Osiris the only sweaty PvP in the game with restricted maps.

I really hope Bungie listens to the community and starts making PvP a priority. All we want is old maps back and maybe a new map every season. A map vote mechanic would be great too. I don’t think that all of this is too much to ask. And we’re still waiting on our in-game LFG system.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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