Destiny 2 Players Are Demanding Refunds After a Sneaky Store Change

Don't buy Silver... Ever.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Monetization is a hot topic right now in Destiny 2, and for good reason. While I think the main issue that the vocal majority of people ranting about boycotts and the problems in Destiny 2 online are suffering from is burnout, I think the way Bungie tricks players into spending Silver, the only in-game currency that requires real-world money, is truly horrible.

You can still enjoy all of Destiny 2 by not buying Silver and only buying the latest expansion annual pass — I’ve never bought Silver and have always enjoyed Destiny 2 — but the latest sneaky store change is hard to watch.

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During the first week of Destiny 2 Solstice 2023, the new Bumper Boat Exotic Sparrow was available for 1,000 Silver. That’s all fine, whatever, but during Solstice 2023 week two, the Bumper Boat Exotic Sparrow is available in the Eververse Store for 2,500 Bright Dust. That’s just disrespectful.

Players who spent 1,000 Silver, which is basically $9.99 USD, to get the new Bumper Boat Exotic Sparrow could have waited a week and purchased it for free using Bright Dust, which is the premium currency you can earn in multiple ways by playing the game. Now, justifiably, they want refunds.

Verbaitem commented on the Twitter post above, saying, “Umm can I get my Silver back lol,” to which another user replied, “Your fault for not looking at the Eververse Calendar.” While that is valid, I think it’s an unfair charge from Bungie to make every Destiny 2 player study the Eververse Calendar, which is only provided by third-party sites, to know when to avoid Bungie’s traps.

For new and old players alike, Bungie’s blatant monetization traps make Destiny 2 a worse game. While I think the core experience of Destiny 2 is really good in a lot of ways, Bungie has been getting away with robbery for too long.

A key part of Destiny 2 is cosmetics — fashionable armor, fun Ghosts, and cool Sparrows. While Bungie has created a live service game where you pay to get some extra features, just like every other live service game, the way they nickel and dime players sours that key part of Destiny 2.

Until Bungie becomes better, I honestly recommend not buying Silver and just sticking to Bright Dust. Buy the annual pass to unlock all the seasons, Dungeons, and Raids for the year, and don’t give Bungie any more of your money.

- This article was updated on July 26th, 2023

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