Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets 54 New Playable Races With This Mod

This Baldur's Gate 3 mod lets you be anyone you want.

by Drew Kopp
Image: DungeonsAndSouls

One of the many customizable aspects of the character you play in Baldur’s Gate 3 is their race, and the game allows you to be a member of one of several iconic fantasy races from Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. While the base game of Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a healthy amount of races and subraces for you to choose from, the newly-created “Fantastical Multiverse” mod adds a whopping fifty-four races to the game. Here’s a round-up of every race introduced in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Fantastical Multiverse mod.

Every Race in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Fantastical Multiverse Mod

Image: DungeonsAndSouls

While the size of Baldur’s Gate 3‘s rooster of playable races may be large by action-role-playing game standards, it only represents a measly twenty-seven percent of the playable races currently available in D&D 5e. As a result, many of the mods created by BG3’s modding community are designed to incorporate one or more races from D&D 5e that didn’t make it to the base game. However, the Fantastical Multiverse mod, developed by BG3 modder DungeonsAndSouls, might be the most expansive playable race mod yet.

The Fantastical Multiverse mod adds fifty-four races to BG3, over half hailing from D&D 5e supplementary books and adventure modules. Many of these new additions are based on the playable variants of creatures that you encounter as enemies in the base game of Baldur’s Gate 3 or are alternate variants of already-existing playable races with different racial features. Other races don’t exist in the Forgotten Realms because they are indigenous to other worlds in the D&D multiverse. These include Eberron, a noir-inspired steampunk world created for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition, and Exandria, the setting of the popular D&D live-play series Critical Role.

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The mod doesn’t limit itself to races from official D&D campaign settings. Several of the races featured are based on alternate variants of playable races that appear in Unearthed Arcana, a long-lasting D&D playtesting system. It also includes races introduced in popular fan-made supplements like the dark fantasy-themed Grim Hollow and DungeonsAndSouls’ homebrew setting, featuring original races and races imported from Final Fantasy XIV like the Elezen.

Here is a breakdown of all the races featured in the Fantastical Multiverse mod and where they come from.

  • Elf (Revised Unearthed Arcana  2024 Players Handbook) 3 Subraces
  • Pallid Elf
  • Sea Elf
  • Shadar-kai
  • Avariel
  • Grugach
  • Tiefling(Revised Unearthed Arcana 2024 PHB) 9 Subraces
  • Githyanki (Monsters of the Multiverse)
  • Dwarf (Revised Unearthed  Arcana 2024 PHB)
  • Duergar (MoTM)
  • Half-Elf(Mark of Detection)
  • Half-Elf(Mark of the Storm)
  • Gnome(Revised Unearthed  Arcana 2024 PHB)
  • Dragonborn(Revised Unearthed  Arcana 2024 PHB)
  • Dragonborn (Gem Dragonborn (FIZBAN’S))
  • Half-Orc (Mark of Finding)
  • Goliath(Revised Unearthed Arcana 2024 PHB + MoTM)
  • Orc(Revised Unearthed Arcana 2024 PHB)
  • Aasimar(MoTM)
  • Genasi(Air, Earth, Fire, Water)(MoTM) 
  • Bugbear(MoTM)
  • Changeling(MoTM)
  • Firbolg(MoTM)
  • Githzerai(MoTM)
  • Goblin(MoTM)
  • Kobold(VGTM + MoTM)
  • Minotaur(MoTM)
  • Shifter(MoTM)
  • Triton(MoTM)
  • Yuan-ti(Pureblood + MoTM)
  • Kender
  • Astral Elf
  • Lineages(Dhampir, Hexblood, Reborn)
  • Kalashtar
  • Verdan
  • Vedalken
  • Locathah
  • Laneshi(Grim Hollow)
  • Ogresh(Grim Hollow)
  • Downcast(Grim Hollow)
  • Dreamers(Grim Hollow)
  • The Disembodied(Grim Hollow)
  • Krsnik(Dungeons and Souls)
  • Moroi(D&S)
  • Mušḫuššu (D&S)
  • Tydelvian(D&S)
  • Lunari(Hemato-Kai + Crepusriel) (D&S) 
  • Gwŷddpāla(D&S)
  • Nephilim(D&S)
  • Malformed(D&S)
  • Hyur(FFXIV x D&S)
  • Elezen(FFXIV x D&S)
  • Roegadyn(FFXIV x D&S)
  • Garlean(FFXIV x D&S)

All of these new editions are more than enough to make Fantastical Multiverse a must-have Baldur’s Gate 3 mod, but DungeosnAndSouls didn’t stop at simply introducing new playable races. The developer also took the time to incorporate several gameplay features from D&D 5e. These include Innate Spellcasting, which allows certain races to use a small selection of spells once a day, and the Fey Ancestry racial feature, which grants races that descend from the Fey advantage on Saving Throws made to resist the Charmed condition.

- This article was updated on September 4th, 2023

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