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Batman: Arkham City Viral Marketing is Pretty Awesome

by William Schwartz


Warner Bros. & Rocksteady Studios have revealed some viral marketing that should get Batman: Arkham City fans frothing at the mouth.  This audio conversation between Hugo Strange and Mayor Sharp leads to an unexpected appearance of the Riddler before cutting the transmission.  What does it mean?   Who knows, that’s for you to uncover as we lead into the homestretch before the release of the game.

The lid has come off of Batman: Arkham City as of late.  We’ve gotten confirmation and gameplay footage of Catwoman, a hearty demo of The Dark Knight himself dishing out justice, and a reel that shows off the Penguin in action, as of late.  Batman: Arkham City launches this October for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

But until then keep an eye out for more clues about the story of Arkham City like the one recently discovered below.

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