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Batman: Arkham Collection Officially Confirmed, Coming in September

The three Rocksteady Arkham games will soon be available in a single package.

by Dylan Siegler


Recently, a listing for a game called Batman: Arkham Collection was leaked by Amazon UK. Now, the existence of this game has been officially confirmed.

The Amazon UK listing, which has since been removed, claimed that Batman: Arkham Collection would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6 and contain the games Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight, which make up the trilogy of Rocksteady’s Arkham games while omitting WB Games Montréal’s Batman: Arkham Origins. However, this leak has now been proven at least mostly accurate as Rocksteady marketing manager Gaz Deaves confirmed a lot of this leaked information on Twitter.

According to Deaves, Batman: Arkham Collection is real and will be coming out in Europe sometime in September. He also states that this collection will include the “Earth to Dark Knight” skin, something that, up through now, has only been available in North America. Additionally, this skin will be made available to all owners of Batman: Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4 early next year.

Assuming the rest of the Amazon UK listing is to believed, this collection will contain the remastered versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City from the Return to Arkham bundle, while also including all DLC for all three games. The game will also come in a steelbook case.

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