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Batman: Arkham VR Gameplay Revealed in New SDCC Trailer

by Kyle Hanson


Batman: Arkham VR was one of the big reveals from E3 2016, but it was odd in that the game was shown off without actually showing the game itself. Instead audiences were simply given the name and sort of left to their own imagination. This, of course, led to a lot of anticipation. It’s Batman, but in VR. How could it be bad? Thankfully Rocksteady isn’t just resting on this strategy though, giving fans a chance to play the game at San Diego Comic-Con. Now they have released a new trailer with their impressions, as well as the very first look at actual gameplay from Batman: Arkham VR.

So far the gameplay shown is pretty minimal, just showing player preparing themselves to become the Batman himself. Descending into the Batcave, donning the mask and suit before learning about all of Batman’s fancy gadgets. The game looks like a ton of fun so far, even with just this little piece to go by.

Batman: Arkham VR seems to heavily rely on motion controls, putting you into the world of Batman like never before. We see players throwing Batarangs, and taking out enemies with Batman’s signature moves. It looks like a full-fledged Arkham game in many respects, though the mechanic have been shifted very much to fit the VR mold. Check out the video below to see it all for yourself.

Batman: Arkham VR hits this October for PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Official Batman: Arkham VR Trailer – “Wear the Cowl”

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