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Battlefield 2042 Ammo Types: Explosive, Incendiary, Subsonic, and More Revealed in Leak

You'll get to play with more than one type of ammo in Battlefield 2042

by Carlos Hurtado


A bunch of different ammo types have been discovered for Battlefield 2042 according to a recent leak. DICE’s upcoming shooter has had its fair share of these throughout the year with players and fans are eager to find more information about the title as we get close to the game’s beta and release date. Temporyal is a data miner responsible for these latest Battlefield 2042 leaks, revealing a lot of content regarding the upcoming release. Two days ago, he tweeted about the different ammo types players will get to choose in the game.

These are the ammo types that will be in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Ammo Types

Buckshot, Short Buckshot, Middle Buckshot, Long  Buckshot, Slug, and Flechette

Every Battlefield player recognizes these ammo types. All these ammo types are for shotguns, and they’ve been in the series for a long time now. The different ammo types impact the way the shotgun performs in different situations.

Light, Medium, and Heavy

These three are shown together, so we can safely assume that the ammo types belong to the same weapon class, or at least for a couple of them. Light, Medium, and Heavy can refer to the amount of damage each variation will deal. Besides that, they can be used along with an Extended and a Drum mag; giving players a chance to stay in the fight while using their preferred ammo type.


In previous Battlefield titles, all you needed to stay off the radar was a suppressor; Battlefield 2042 might put an end to that. It looks like you’ll have the choice to use a suppressor without subsonic ammo, this might mean you won’t get the full benefit we used to get in other releases. Subsonic ammo is meant to reduce the cracks bullets make when they break the sound barrier, so you might get this benefit while still been spotted on the radar if you use it by itself.


Damage over time is all we can assume so far. This could mitigate the number of times a player turns around a corner and runs away with low hp.


In Battlefield 3, shotguns could use an ammo type called Frag Rounds. These rounds would turn shotguns into mini grenade launchers, dealing splash damage to any enemy nearby. Players are concerned about this type of ammo making a return. Shortly after the tweet, they started sharing lots of videos of players abusing the annoying mechanic.

Armor Piercing

This could have two applications, Vehicles, and Infantry. In past Battlefields, we’ve got Armor Piercing rounds in heavy vehicles like tanks and tank destroyers. Helping players take out tough opponents while dealing with armor. In Battlefield Hardline, players had access to a similar option that allowed them to deal more damage at the expense of having tracer rounds, making them more visible to enemy players. Maybe they use the same approach while making it more useful against operator gadgets.


DMRs and Snipers might be in luck. Bullet Drop and Bullet Velocity are staples of the Battlefield franchise, but this doesn’t mean that players don’t struggle with this mechanic. This ammo type could be a useful option for players who enjoy sniping but can’t get a grip on the mechanic.

This information came from a data miner so nothing is set in stone. All we can do until the game’s beta is to speculate with the little information we have. That doesn’t mean this leak wasn’t useful, at least we know that there will be more than one type of ammo.

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Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22 on Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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