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Leaked Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Showcases Sniping, Attachments, and a New Map

Leaked sniper footage reveals much.

by Carlos Hurtado


There’s been a lot of leaked gameplay resulting from the recent Battlefield 2042 Alpha Playtest that took place last week.  EA’s Lead Community Manager, Part Welsh, warned the leakers that releasing footage from the test would be be severely punished — going  so far as to threaten losing access to the entire game once it is released.

This didn’t stop a lot of participants in the alpha from uploading gameplay from Battlefield 2042.  While a lot of it has been taken down, several videos of infantry and vehicle gameplay can be easily found.   There’s even a 5-minute video with some sniping gameplay that had showcased some interesting details.

Battlefield 2042 Sniper Gameplay

What the Battlefield 2042 Leaked Sniping Gameplay Showed us

  • Sniping looks rewarding, to say the least.  The fact that you can change attachments on the fly makes it even more fun. Having the capability of changing scopes and barrel attachments makes it more viable to carry a sniper rifle at medium to close ranges.
  • There’s no Headshot hitmarker. Battlefield 1 was the first Battlefield game to bring this feature into the franchise migrating it into Battlefield 4 after the positive feedback the community gave. From what we saw there’s no sight of headshot hitmarkers.
  • There are two hitmarker sounds. The first sounds like two pieces of metal scraping each other. We got to hear it when the player got a headshot on someone. The second one is softer and almost sounds like someone piercing through a sandbag.
  • You can change the ammo type. When the player started to tweak the sniper rifle one of the attachments was named “Medium ammo” hinting that there is more than one type of ammo.  It’s hard to tell but this may mean it has different applications like being effective to light armor vehicles or infantry.
  • There wasn’t a straight bolt attachment slot. When the video cuts out to another gameplay you can see the soldier chambering another round while they aim through the scope. This may mean that every sniper rifle is going to be capable of doing this like Call of Duty: Warzone does.
  • Your character gives specific callouts. In one firefight you can hear the player’s character giving specific callouts like range and degrees according to the in-game compass that the player has at the bottom of the screen.
  • When your character is killed you go into a third-person view while we are prompt to request a revive or signal other players not to do it.
  • The Ranger (Robot Dog) follows you and attacks any enemy vehicle and player around you. You can see how an enemy helicopter approached the player and the Ranger started firing at it without any command from the player.

The Map

At first glance, it resembles Wake Island, but it also has some Caspian Border-Operation Firestorm feel. There’s a lot of trees and foliage all around the map, with some smaller sunken areas. Besides that, they are several buildings with an industrial look with pipelines and even a rocket launchpad. It’s definitely the “Orbital” map set in Kourou, French Guiana.


While much of what we gleaned from this Battlefield 2042 footage is speculation, the alpha test has certainly shed some light on interesting new features that might be in game.

Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22nd on Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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