Battlefield 2042 Specialists Are Here to Stay Says EA Game Designer

Specialists will be reworked, but not removed.

by Chris Park


The introduction of Specialists to the Battlefield franchise with the release of Battlefield 2042 has been a sore spot for long-time fans of the series.  Among a myriad of complaints regarding this latest iteration in the Battlefield series, the Specialists have been one point of contention that doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere, according to Frederik Drabert of EA.

It’s not that simple, says Battlefield developer

Over on Twitter, Drabert revealed that Specialists would be “reworked” rather than removed from Battlefield 2042 and that it just wouldn’t be that simple to take community feedback suggestions because “The Specialists touch a lot of parts in the game that need to be considered during a redesign.  So it’s more than take it and code it,” says Drabert.

Needless to say, Battlefield 2042 has seen a disappointing launch.  What should’ve been a get right moment for the franchise has sent player counts careening since launch.  While it’s not their entire player base, the player counts on Steam have continued to decline rapidly since the 2021 launch of the game.  The most recent thirty day tallies for Battlefield 2042 on Steam are around 1800 players on average.   A franchise with a historically large PC fanbase should seemingly have more fan fare on the platform, but many have cited a general lack of quality from the game that deviates from what is expected from the Battlefield series.

The towel hasn’t quite been thrown in on Battlefield 2042 just yet though.  A new update with major changes is due to arrive with the 4.0 update that is slated for the coming week.  DICE says that there over 400 individual fixes, bugs, and quality of life improvements coming to the game.  With no official patch notes in place, it’s unclear on every aspect of this 4.0 Update for Battlefield, but it doesn’t sound like the community suggestions regarding Specialists are going to make it into this patch.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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