Attack of the Fanboy

Battlefield 3 vs Call of Duty: Showdown Marked for November

by William Schwartz


With this being April Fool’s Day everything seen or heard is not to be trusted.  Well throw another log on fire, because Battlefield 3’s release date might have gotten outed by the EA download manager.  According to the download service, Battlefield 3 will be available on November 2nd.  However, as Computer and Video Games notes, a November 2nd launch date would put Battlefield 3’s release on Wednesday and not the more traditional Tuesday that North Americans are accustomed to.

As CVG postulates, this could be a worldwide release date for the title. Considering that Call of Duty traditionally launches right in that window each year, the gloves could come off this November as has been speculated on two assumptions.  1) Call of Duty is going to continue its trend of launching in November 2) DICE is serious about taking them head on ( as suicidal as it may seem).  DICE also recently released it’s third in the line of gameplay trailers for Battlefield 3, and after watching it you can see why they like their chances against the next CoD title.  (video below)

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