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Battlefield 4 goes into Alpha, here’s what it looks like

by William Schwartz


DICE is preparing to perform its first series of major public access to Battlefield 4 with a closed alpha trial for select players. As is the case with these early tests, DICE will testing a number of server related experiments in preparation for launch.

The Battlefield 4 Alpha will hit Origin on June 17th, and will run for two weeks. The game will be available for testing for six hours each day. The lucky few selected to test Battlefield 4 should have already received an email from DICE with instructions to access the test.

So how do you go about getting in the BF4 Alpha? Well you would have had to opt-in to receive all Battlefield communications in your Battlelog account.

DICE warns that the Alpha version of the game does not represent the final quality of BF4. Which basically means that they know a ton of screenshots are about to get leaked, so don’t judge this book by its cover. In 2011, screenshots came hard and heavy following the launch of the BF3 Alpha and we should likely see the same. In fact, we’ve already seen our first batch of BF4 Alpha Screenshots prior to E3.

The BF4 Alpha trial is for PC only, and you’ll need a decent rig to participate.

OS: Vista SP2, Win7 (Win8 not supported)
64 bit (32 bit not supported)
Dx10 or Dx 11 GPU with 1+GB of RAM, Dx 11 highly recommended
25GB HDD free space required
Latest Origin version required





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