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Battlefield 4 Leaderboard Competitions are completely opt-in

by William Schwartz


Earlier this week DICE revealed a slew of new features for Battlefield 4 and the new Battlelog 2.0 system.  One of these new features was a global leaderboard system that allows players to challenge friends and others in local, regional, and global competition.

While these expanded stat-tracking and competitive features sound like great ways to get more enjoyment out of DICE’s next game, some are worried about privacy concerns with the new geo-leaderboard system.  Fortunately, DICE is already out in front of this potential problem.  The leaderboards in Battlefield 4 will be completely opt-in, according to a statement from the developers.

“It’s 100% opt-in; you can even choose a different location that your real one and if everyone, only friends or you can see it,”  DICE said via Twitter.

Great news indeed for Battlefield 4 fans, but it shouldn’t come as huge surprise.  DICE has said that allowing players to be “invisible” online is a top priority, following complaints that users were being harassed in Battlefield 3 using Battlelog and Origin.

It really sounds like DICE has all their bases covered in Battlelog 2.0.  If you missed the most recent features trailer for the service, you can find it, below.

Battlelog 2.0

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