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Battlefield 4 Platoons coming soon

by William Schwartz


DICE has announced that they will be bringing the Platoon feature back to Battlefield 4.  Over on the Battlefield forums, DICE revealed their plans for the new feature.

“Very soon, we will release Platoons on Battlelog for Battlefield 4 (details to be announced very soon), but we want to give early access to a smaller group of players to test certain parts of the system before a full rollout and get some even earlier feedback. ”

This Platoon functionality is one that Battlefield 4 has been sorely missing.  It allows for groups of players, or friends, to communicate and coordinate with greater ease than the current system — if it’s similar to Battlefield 3’s platoon system.

There’s no exact release date on Platoon functionality, but DICE is fielding applications for those interested in testing the system out before it rolls out to all.

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