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Battlefield Hardline is Now Free on Xbox One via the EA Access Vault

by Kyle Hanson


Battlefield Hardline has now been added to the EA Access Vault, making it free to download and play for members of the Xbox One exclusive service. EA Access gives members discounts on digital EA titles, as well as early access to upcoming games, but it also features The Vault, a collection of EA games that members can download for free, and play for as long as they are members. With Battlefield Hardline joining the special section, members can now get 14 games for free, including Titanfall, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Need for Speed Rivals.

“Hit the streets with your crew and pull off the perfect heist with the fastest Battlefield ever. Cruise in high-performance vehicles in Hotwire mode, or use modern-day weaponry to capture valuable points in Battlefield staples like Conquest. Steal cash from armored trucks and make an escape in Heist; fight for control of a crate of loot in Blood Money; chase down criminals at high speeds in Hotwire; and save hostages in Rescue. Plus, members can crack the case as Nick Mendoza in Battlefield Hardline’s story mode and uncover a drug conspiracy deep in Miami’s criminal underworld.”

EA Access is currently an Xbox One exclusive service, with Sony saying that it didn’t offer enough of a value for PlayStation gamers to be featured on their console. Rumors have swirled that the membership program might head to PC, though little has been shared that supports this claim.

EA Access can be purchased for $4.99 a month, or $29.99 a year, making it a pretty great discount if you play a lot of EA games.

Battlefield Hardline – EA Access Trailer

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