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Battlefield: Hardline PS4 Player Count Much Higher Than On Xbox One

by Dean James


Battlefield: Hardline released a few weeks ago to relatively mixed reception across a number of platforms, but we just told you the other day how it was being outpaced by its predecessor Battlefield 4 in online players overall on every system, except for PlayStation 4. That statistic makes a lot more sense now, as we can see that the number of players on PS4 is dramatically higher than that on Xbox One.

According to the info from the P-Stats network, Battlefield: Hardline had around 800,000 players online on PlayStation 4 within the 7 days prior to that statistical breakdown. In comparison, Battlefield: Hardline on Xbox One had less than 200,000 players in that same period of time. PC also has more players than Xbox One, though by a much smaller margin.

The numbers were a little closer between those playing Battlefield 4 on the two platforms, but the difference between the two with Battlefield: Hardline is rather staggering. The PS4 is obviously outselling the Xbox One, so that of course plays a difference, but a 4:1 ratio between the two with Hardline is rather crazy. Xbox was the go-to platform for shooters for so long and now it appears that Sony has taken that crown away, at least with the Battlefield series.

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