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Bayonetta Debuts Well on Steam

by Al McCarthy


Apparently Bayonetta has debuted well on PC, according to data from Steam Spy.  The re-release of the seven year old hack and slash title has sold around 100K copies according to the site, and they did so deviating away from the usual road to release that most games have.

Ditching the pre-release, pre-order hype, Bayonetta simply was announced and launched.  With very little air between the two events.  It seems like the pent-up demand for Bayonetta to arrive on PC was in fact real making the release profitable for SEGA.

It didn’t hurt that Bayonetta was a great port, according to our review.  Which gave PC gamers many of the options they’d expect from a modern PC release while releasing at an attractive price point of $19.99.

The success of releasing Bayonetta on PC for SEGA could open the door for other titles to arrive in the future, with many hoping for other Platinum Games titles to arrive on the platform.  While many are hoping for a release of Bayonetta 2, that seems unlikely as Nintendo published the title for Wii U.  But other Platinum Games releases, like Vanquish could see the same treatment.

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