Attack of the Fanboy

Best RPG of 2011

by William Schwartz


Our Editor’s Choice for RPG of the Year was not a hard decision to make.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gripped most who dared step foot into the land, whether you were dead set on marching through your quest bestowed on the Dragonborn, or just looking for adventure through the countryside, there’s always something new to do and see in the massive role playing game.  The ever lingering threat of random dragon encounters pushed us to master the deep progression system found in the game, and journey to the ends of the world for more powerful equipment to aid in the fight.  Bringing everything to the table that you would expect from a modern RPG and then some, Skyrim was our clear cut winner for Best RPG of the year, and quite possibly of all time.

Attack of the Fanboy Readers also chose The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the best RPG of 2011.  The full breakdown of nominees and voting is shown below.  Thanks to all who voted for Reader’s Choice Best RPG of 2011.


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