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Bethesda Confirms E3 Presence, Announces Press Conference Date

Despite PlayStation and EA's absences, some companies are still interested in holding E3 press conferences.

by Dylan Siegler


This year’s E3 is shaping up to be… interesting. So far, we know that PlayStation will be skipping out on the event altogether, while EA’s EA Play event will be all about fans playing games, without having a press conference to announce and discuss upcoming games. However, Microsoft has confirmed that they will still be holding an E3 press conference, and they have just been joined by another industry juggernaut.

Bethesda Softworks recently confirmed that they will in fact be holding an E3 press conference this year. Their conference will take place on Sunday, June 9 at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST, more or less the same time slot the company usually takes for their E3 press conferences. As usual, those who can’t physically make it to the event will be able to stream it online.

It has already been confirmed that the press conference will feature an in-depth look at the upcoming DOOM Eternal, and we can only assume that we’ll also see Wolfenstein: Youngblood, as well as probably some discussion on continuing support of Fallout 76. Last year, we got some very brief looks at Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, but it’s likely that these games are still very far from release and that there isn’t much more Bethesda would want to share at this time, but we’ll see.

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