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BioShock: The Collection Spotted Briefly On 2K Games’ Website

by Mike Guarino


We had heard rumors earlier this year that 2K Games was planning on releasing a remastered collection of the first 3 BioShock games, and now it looks like that is true. The BioShock Twitter account recently posted an image from the first game that is accompanied with the caption that reads “Welcome to Rapture! Would you kindly follow @BioShock?” A page for the game also went live briefly on 2K Games’ website, though was removed shortly after.

Although the page has been removed, several sources were able to capture some images of it. One of the images shows off a wide view that features both the underwater city of Rapture and the airborne city of Columbia, suggesting that the collection will include all 3 of the previous BioShock games. Apart from the games getting the remaster treatment, it remains to be seen what else may be included in this package.

We’re still waiting on the official announcement for this package from 2K Games, but seeing how much has been outed now it shouldn’t be much longer until we get the official details. They’ve also just kicked off the Twitter account for BioShock, so that has to mean something.

It has been 4 years since BioShock Infinite released, which was a game that was praised by many as one of the best games of the year. The supposed remaster would be the first time that any of the games would be available on current generation hardware.

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