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Bioware Delays Anthem Events Indefinitely

The Roadmap just got a lot a lot longer.

by Alex Levine


Anthem’s struggles have been well known for a while now, but we weren’t sure if things would either improve or get worse. Turn out that it’s the latter as Bioware has taken to Reddit and announced that all upcoming events have been delayed until further notice. This includes the limited timed Cataclysm event that was supposed to release next month. According to Bioware the reasoning behind this is that the game is in dire need of some “fixes, bugs, stability, and game flow.”

On top of that, things such as the Weekly Stronghold Challenges, Leaderboard Updates, the Second Phase of the Legendary Missions, and the Mastery System have all been put on hold while Bioware attempts to clean up their mess. All of these events are very much needed in the game, and while the company may have a point on fixing current issues, this still leaves many players high and dry on endgame playability. This also comes hot off of the spat between the company and media outlets in recent weeks which outlines Anthem’s horrifying development process and explained why the game was in the state it was when it launched.

It also doesn’t help that Bioware hasn’t been really clear cut on just what they are fixing, and why it would delay the promised content. However, their was one silver lining that was taken away from this. Players can now access their inventory and change equipment on the fly even when they are on missions, as well as a brand new stronghold, Sunken Cell, for players to raid. Still, the fact remains that Anthem is being looked at as a failure, and unless the company can turn things around, it will be viewed as such for a long time.

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