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‘Black Ops 2’ Title Revealed on Official Site

| April 30, 2012

'Black Ops 2' Title Revealed on Official Site News PC Gaming PlayStation Xbox  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Activision

If you’ve taken a look at Call of Duty’s official website, you might have noticed the spinning circular pattern in the center of the screen as the page loads. In that image are a series of dashes and dots (you can see where this is going) and some clever whippersnapper out there noticed that this is actually morse code. Once translated, the message reads: “BLACK OPS TWO.” Shocker. After all the leaks over the past few months, even as recently as last week, this fun little easter egg isn’t anywhere near as surprising as it could have been. Just goes to show how much leaks can really ruin the fun of it all.

The only thing that led to the possibility of the game being called something else was some leaked retail promotional items that mentioned the subtitle “Eclipse.” Of course, that’s most likely just due to the fact that a solar eclipse will occur around the time of the game’s release. There is still the remote possibility that this is a red herring and Treyarch has given the game a completely different title altogether. Tomorrow, the next Call of Duty will be properly revealed and we can all finally find out what the next Call of Duty will be called. It’s Black Ops 2.

Source: Kotaku

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  • Greg

    Hey Fanboy Attack, why’d you have to ruin your perfectly good comment system by adopting disqus’ crap? That was my sole reason for visiting your articles, to see the flame war beneath.  Looks like you lost me.

    • Egg_Yellow89

      Dude, disqus is better. I mean you can minimize Allen’s comments. What more can you ask for?

  • APeeler

    Disqus is better.

  • Mike

    I am jumping aboard the I Hate Call Of Duty train and sitting in first class on this one. Not because everyone else is in there and I got the last seat but because it really doesnt seem that long ago until I was getting excited about MW3 and watching the live stream of Bowling reveal the trailer that had already been revealed. From what I have seen, the few screenshots of this, it looks the same, shock. If you want to waste your money on this along with another year subscription of Ellite then go ahead and be a Activision whore. The End

  • $25193756

    what a  a surprise


    If the rumors about new S&D versions with mobile spawns are true, this might be awesome. 

  • freek4urmom

    This easter egg didn’t ruin the fun, I’m loving all their little secrets here and there! Hater.


    I really hate this franchise even more after seeing that trailer. They are the masters of stealing other concepts from other games and using for their own purposes. Mechs have been around for a long time. Mobile spawns have been around for a while too with other popular games. All they do is steal from past games that didn’t have the COD label and call it revolutionary just because its used on COD. 

    Wake the hell up you stupid COD fans, your game sucks and is for noobs. Come play Ghost Recon Future Soldier and we’ll see how your dumbass rambo tactics fair against my pre-established clan during the beta. COD=Holding the industry back due to stupid consumers.

  • Elestat

    another easter egg in the trailer. notice the numbers by the title. thery are lat/long coordinates for los angeles where the game is set. they sit on LAPD

    • Rhett Barlow

      There are also coordinates for Afghanistan, Yemen, and somewhere in North Africa I believe, I dunno the narrators on the video analysis I watched weren’t too bright…

  • Listen..

    Which sounds better:
    Treyarch DLC for two years, then a new Treyarch game is released
    Treyarch DLC for a year, rush making an Infinity Ward game and release DLC for a year, then a new Treyarch game is released

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