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Blizzard Co-founder speaks out about DRM

by William Schwartz


Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce, recently did an interview in which he spoke out against DRM and called it “a losing battle”.  Some of the inconvieniences that DRM has caused have really been the achilles heel of the project.  Plus, not all gamers want to be connected to internet “just because we say so”.  Blizzard looks to maintain security via closed network.  Which in Blizzard’s case is

If we’ve done our job right and implemented in a great way, people will want to be connected while they’re playing the single player campaign so they can stay connected to their friends on and earn the achievements on,” Frank Pearce said. “The best approach from our perspective is to make sure that you’ve got a full-featured platform that people want to play on, where their friends are, where the community is.


Pearce believes that DRM is an invasive practice, and believes that the development team resources should be focused on bringing new content and cool new features, not anti-piracy measures. Blizzard’s next big thing Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty will launch July 27th c/o Frank Pearce executive producer of the title.

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