Bloody and Brutal “Blade of Darkness” Getting Re-Released This October

Same Gore, Higher Resolution.

by Aaron Nashar

Publisher SNEG Ltd. has just announced that its classic action-adventure game Blade of Darkness is getting re-released this year with updated graphics on PC via Steam and GOG this October.

The game is updated and ported by Fire Falcom and General Arcade and promises to bring back the classic title to match modern PCs standards. The updated version will feature support for 4K resolution, new display settings, as well as stability improvements.

“Since its initial launch, Blade of Darkness continues to build a dedicated following — mods, ‘Let’s Plays’, and community patches are found throughout the gaming community even today. This only signals how undeserving was the game’s fate,” said Elena Roor, Managing Director at SNEG. “I’m glad that we’ve managed to sort out everything legal and, to our luck, unearthed the source code with the help of the original dev team. Altogether this brings us to the upcoming October release.”

Blade of Darkness is a game where players will be hacking and slashing their way through endless vicious enemies to save the world from the relentless forces of chaos.

Players will also have the chance to choose between four very unique characters a barbarian, a dwarf, a knight, and an Amazonian. Players will have to weigh each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and skills that will match their playstyle.

Gamers who love brutal gameplay would for sure love to have a go at this game. It offers devastating combo attacks and the chance to battle various creatures including Orcs, Trolls, Demons, Golems, and more. The game also features destroyable objects, loads of puzzles to solve, and traps to disarm.

Blade of Darkness is coming to PC via Steam and GOG in October 2021.