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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Upgrade is Free for Existing Owners on PC

The original Borderlands gets a much needed makeover.

by Alex Levine


During their PAX East presentation, Gearbox Software officially revealed the much anticipated Borderlands 3However, before they made that reveal, Randy Pitchford and his staff unveiled the brand new version of the very first Borderlands, a complete rework with 4k visuals and new features that make it worth while to play through it all over again, and it’s launching next week for current-gen consoles and PC.

Such new features include the mini map being on screen as part of the HUD, being able to automatically pick up loot instead of hovering over it and pressing a prompt, and the inclusion of the SHIFT Codes that give players brand new powerful items that were brought in on Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. However, the coolest part about this is that if you already own the game through Steam, then you get the entire rework update for free.

In addition, even if you don’t own the Game of the Year edition or any of the DLC, the update adds all of them in essentially giving you the add-ons for absolutely zero dollars. Clearly Gearbox is trying to get some new players to try out the series before the aforementioned 3rd entry releases, whenever that is. Regardless, with all of these new things being put into the original, as well as being free for existing owners, their no reason to not go back and play through it a couple more times.

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition launches on April 3 for the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The PC version will get the mentioned updates on the same day. You can check out the reveal trailer here:

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