Boyfriend From Friday Night Funkin is Getting His Own Nendoroid Figure

Friday Night Figures

by Tom Cunliffe
Boyfriend Nendoroid Friday Night Funkin'
Image via Goodsmile. The Funkin’ Crew Inc.

Boyfriend, the protagonist of the hit browser game Friday Night Funkin‘, is getting his very own Nendoroid figure produced by Good Smile.

For those outside the figure-collecting community, Nendoroid are collectible figurines exclusively produced by the Japanese company Good Smile. These chibi-style figures are generally around 10cm in height, fully poseable, and feature swappable body parts. There are currently over 1500 Nendoroid of characters from popular anime, television shows, movies, and video games.

The Boyfriend Nendoroid was announced on Good Smile‘s social media channels as part of WonHobby 36, an annual event in which the company showcases upcoming figures as part of the Japanese exhibition Wonder Festival.

The announcement tweet on Good Smile‘s US Twitter account has received over 2 million views and hundreds of replies from astonished and ecstatic Friday Night Funkin’ fans.

Besides a single image of the Nendoroid, featured at the beginning of the article, no further information has been released. More details, including Boyfriend‘s accessories, release date, and pre-order date, should be expected in the coming months.

How Much Will The Boyfriend Nendoroid Cost?

The price for the Friday Night Funkin’ Boyfriend Nendoroid has yet to be announced. The typical retail price for a Nendoroid in North America is $45-70 USD, though characters with fewer accessories have been known to retail for less.

What is Friday Night Funkin’?

Image via The Funkin’ Crew Inc.

Friday Night Funkin‘ is a rhythm game produced by four users of the entertainment website Newgrounds. While initially created for a game jam, the game now sits as the most-played title on the entire site. Following its swift success, a Kickstarter Campaign was opened to fund a full retail release of the game, which has received over $2.2 million USD in pledges.

Players take the role of the blue-haired Boyfriend who must defeat opponents in a rap battle to continue dating his aptly named partner, Girlfriend. Boyfriend’s adversaries will sing as corresponding notes, represented by arrow keys, fall down the screen, which the player needs to mimic in turn.

Friday Night Funkin‘s incredibly active modding community is partially to thank for its huge success, with hundreds of creative fan-made projects often featuring internet memes and characters from popular culture.

Friday Night Funkin‘ is available to play on PC.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2023