Best Psych Engine Shaders for Friday Night Funkin

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by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers around the globe are still infatuated with Friday Night Funkin’, the rhythm game that has players tasked with trying to give their girlfriend a little smooch. However, countless obstacles prevent players from achieving this seemingly simple goal, so using the power of music, they’ll fight for their right to kiss her.

While the game is already quite fun to look at, the ability to add different shaders to change the vibe and look around wholly can be quite exciting. Gamers have be-bo-be-be-booped for quite a while in this world, so seeing in with a new lens can be refreshing. Let’s see what the best Psych Enging Shaders are to color your world.

How To Install Shaders For Friday Night Funkin’

The first thing players need to do is download a Shader Pack, such as the one we have linked. After this, players will need to also download Friday Night Funkin’, as they cannot be installed on the web version of the game.

Since installing them is quite convoluted, as the Psych Engine is a bit temperamental, we have also linked a tutorial below on how to install these Shaders into your game properly. Once you’ve got them up and running, let’s find out the best of the best.

the boulder via YouTube

Best Shaders For Friday Night Funkin’ – Ranked

While there are plenty of different shaders available for this game, there are some that are worth more effort than others. Here, players will be able to see which Shaders can completely change their game around, and which ones may not be worth the download.

10. Glitch Effect


Adding a glitchy overlay to the screen, not only does this Shader look rather nice, it can increase the difficulty for those that think the game can be a little too easy at times. Not only will it sometimes triple up what is shown to the player, but the vibrant colors can also make things quite exciting for those watching along.

9. Change From Colors


Inverting all of the colors and screen and giving the characters a trippy outline, Change From Colors is one of the most interesting Shaders in the game. While it may be a bit jarring at first, players will quickly fall in love with this unique visual style and find that it’s almost impossible to play without it.

8. File


Scan lines and pulsing lines that seem to go in tune with the beat, players will need to keep their focus high when using the File shader. Not only will it increase the difficulty, due to the sheer amount of stuff happening on the screen, but it’s also a great tool to bring back the old-school gaming in us all. Looking like a CRT Monitor powering on, this is the ultimate nostalgia trip.

7. Weird Effect


Wiggly and wavey, the Weird Effect changes the background to a wobbly mess, while the foreground stays nice and crisp. While this may not be the most visually astounding Shader available for the game, players that are jumping in and wanting to focus on the notes rather than the background characters should give this one a try.

6. Old TV Effect


For players pining for the nostalgic days of the 90s, the Old TV Effect may be the perfect supplement. This could be the perfect way to enjoy some Friday Night Funkin’ if you grew up playing DDR on your PS2, featuring the familiar curve of a CRT television set, alongside film grain and rounded edges. It also just so happens to be one of the most visually interesting of the group, especially when played on songs such as Senpai or Thorns.

5. vcrshader


While most are used to crystal clear, 4K quality Blu-Ray, back in the 90s, we got stuck with Video Tapes that put out some questionable quality after time. The vcrshader is looking to bring back the oldies and can be the perfect shader to use when facing off against the terrifying Lemon Demon for that extra spooky factor.

4. Lights RGB


The Lights RGB Shader is looking to bring some vibrant pops of color to your favorite game, with small orbs of light drifting slowly across the screen. It makes the game’s colorful art style pop even more than it already does, so this could be the perfect one for those hoping to test the color quality of a new monitor.

3. Noir Shader


Players looking to travel back in time and battle in the black-and-white era will need to search up and download this Noir shader as soon as possible. Taking away the color from everything but the arrows and the health bars at the bottom, it makes each verbal spat much more interesting than the last. It may be a bit plain compared to some of the others, but it’s an exciting new way to see your favorite game.



Adding a brightly colored outline may not sound all that great, but seeing this one in motion is much more exciting than it looks on paper, or article in this sense. Characters pop off of the screen with this particular shader, so players hoping to see their favorites in a new light should install this one as quickly as possible.

1. Pluse Shader


For those hoping for some trippy background effects, the Pulse Shader may be the perfect choice for you. Being able to distort the world around you, instead of seeing the static and original backgrounds that the game normally loads in is rather cool, and can add a new level of difficulty, depending on the background that you end up choosing in the end.

Now that players are ready to get funky once more, after finally installing these shaders, the action can never come to an end. Alongside all of these shaders, there are plenty of mods that will put you up against other characters from popular franchises. If you’ve ever felt the need to have a battle against Freddy Fazbear, Friday Night Funkin’ has you covered.

Friday Night Funkin’ is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023