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Braid Creator’s Newest Game The Witness Has a Release Date

by Kyle Hanson


The Witness, from Braid creator Jonathan Blow, now has an official release date, launching on January 26th, 2016 for the PS4, PC, and iOS. The Witness is a first-person puzzle-adventure game, which is a vast departure from the 2D puzzle-platforming seen in Braid.

The entire game takes place on a mysterious island full of natural and man-made structures, all of which task the player with various puzzles to solve. The Witness has seen a few delays, as Blow explains, “We’ll be very happy to get the game out into the world, because we’ve been working on it a long time! We originally thought The Witness would be coming out toward the end of the PS4 launch window, but … there’s just been a lot to do. I think when the game is in your hands, you’ll find it to be intricate and deep, and also unlike anything else you have played.”

To announce the news Blow put out a new trailer for The Witness, showing some of the brain-bending puzzles that players will contend with on the island. There’s also some great shots of the scenery found in the environment, with the island shaping up to be a lush and beautiful area to explore.

The Witness hits PS4, PC, and iOS on January 16th, 2016.

The Witness Release Date Trailer

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