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Bungie Congratulates 343i on Successful Halo 5 Launch

by Kyle Hanson


Who said game developers had to be competitive? Bungie have sent their congratulations to 343 Industries on the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, saying “Congratulations to 343i on the launch of Halo 5. We can’t wait to see where the Chief goes next. Cheers!” Of course, Of course, if you aren’t familiar with the behind the scenes stuff of game development, there’s some history here.

Bungie created the Halo series with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001. They then continued to support and control the series until 2010 with the release of Halo: Reach. That was Bungie’s final game in the series before leaving it in the hands of Microsoft and going off to create their own property with Destiny.

Microsoft, utilizing a number of former Bungie staff that stayed behind, created 343 Industries with the express purpose of shepherding the Halo series after Bungie’s departure. 343 has been running the show ever since, producing Halo 4, overseeing the development of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and finally releasing Halo 5: Guardians across the globe today.

It’s good to see that the two studios are so friendly, though the split was never portrayed in a negative way, you never know how things actually went. With Halo 5: Guardians now out in the wild I’m sure many people can agree that we all “can’t wait to see where the Chief goes next.”

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