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Bungie Files Trademark For ‘Eververse’, Possible Auction House Coming To Destiny

by William Schwartz


A few weeks ago we got a trademark filed by Bungie what many believe to be the next Destiny expansion ‘The Taken King’ and now we have three new trademarks that have been filed in the US by Bungie.

This news comes in today via Gamespot who found the three filings. Unlike the previous filings, the three new ones do not have the same attorney who filed previous expansions. However, three different trademarks have been filed for what is known as ‘Eververse’. The first is a typical video-game related trademark for toys and the like. The second is where it gets a little interesting and possibly related to Destiny, I mean honestly what else could they be working on with their ’10 year plan’. The second is for something called ‘Eververse Trading Company’. The name is clearly the biggest hint that it could be some sort of auction house type of mechanic coming to Destiny.


The final trademark is the logo which is very Destiny -esque. When asked about trading in Destiny back in April, Creative Director, Christopher Barrett said the following:

“The investment designers, there’s a lot of conversations I’m sure that happen about that, we’re always considering features like that. Personally, I’d prefer not to have player trading. But you’ll get different opinions across the entire team.

I guess we won’t know the truth behind the trademarks until E3 where one can only hope that Bungie and Activision make a Destiny related announcement. Until then, we must continue to speculate what could possibly be a game-changer for Guardians around the world.

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