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Bungie Taking Back Exotic Weapon “Bad Juju” Catalyst From Players That Cheated to Get it

You can still use the gun, but not the catalyst or emote

by William Schwartz


With the recent release of the Tribute Hall in Destiny 2, players had a whole slew of new challenges to complete.  One of those challenges came with a nice reward, the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle.  Soon after this challenge was available it was discovered that you could cheese or cheat your way into getting Bad Juju pretty easily by placing the same tribute in the Tribute Hall over and over again.

Bungie has revealed that on July 30th this glitch will be fixed, and players who took advantage of the cheat will need to actually complete the challenges to use either the Bad Juju catalyst or emote that could be unlocked through the loophole.  In fixing the glitch, the number of tributes placed in the Tribute Hall will accurately reflect the ones that have actually been completed.  For players that used the exploit they will not be able to equip or activate the Bad Juju catalyst or “X Marks the Spot” emote as these will be gated by the number of tributes you have placed.

The good news is that Bad Juju will still be yours.  Bungie will not require that players who cheesed their way into Bad Juju to place the 18 Tributes required to unlock the quest that rewards the exotic weapon.

However, if you want to continue using the catalyst or emote you’ll need to place the required number of tributes before July 30th.

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