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Destiny 2 How to Get to Tribute Hall

Visit Werner 99-40 on Nessus and open the chest next to him.

In Destiny 2 a new area has been added to the game in the Tribute Hall.  The Tribute Hall is a landing zone on Nessus, but you have to have collected the invitation from a chest near Werner 99-40.  If you’re looking to head to the Tribute Hall in Destiny 2, you will need to follow the steps below:

How to Access Tribute Hall in Destiny 2

Step 1:  Head to Nessus and Visit the Barge near the Watcher’s Grave Landing Zone.

Step 2:  There is a chest next to Werner 99-40 and you need to pay 5k Glimmer to Open it

Step 3:  Inside the chest you will get an invitation from the Emperor tasking you with visiting the Tribute Hall

Step 4:  The Tribute Hall will then appear on the Director Map on Nessus, located at the bottom near the Leviathan Raid and Menagerie


Once you have access to the Tribute Hall location you will spawn in at the location you are looking for.  There will be a big statue of Emperor Calus like the image above.  Approach the statue and be sent on missions to fill the Tribute Hall with achievements.

Listening to the Emperor will give you another quest step which is to complete bounties which can be picked up from the statue in the room.  Completing a single bounty will give you access to another area in the Tribute Hall.