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Destiny 2 How to Get Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle

Your journey starts by heading to Nessus and visiting Werner 99-40

Bad Juju was a favorite weapon among Destiny 1 players because of its neverending clip of bullets.  With the recent release of the Triumphs and the Triumph Hall to close out this year of Destiny 2, Bad Juju can be had by any player that completes enough of these feats.  Below you’ll find everything you need to start the Bad Juju quest, collect triumphs, and then collect the exotic weapon to add to your arsenal of Destiny 2 exotic weapons.

Step 1:  Access the Tribute Hall


Bad Juju is tied to an invitation from the Emperor that can only get by visiting Werner 99-40 and opening the chest next to him.  Paying the 5k Glimmer to open the chest will give you the Invitation quest step that requires that you visit the Tribute Hall.

If you’re having trouble finding the Tribute Hall, that’s because the only way you can do that is by getting a quest step from a chest near Werner 99-40 on Nessus.  Collecting this letter from the emperor will unlock a fast travel point on Nessus that gives you access to the Tribute Hall.

Step 2: Talk to the Visage of Calus to Learn About Tributes


One you’re inside the Tribute Hall there will be big statue of Calus in the room.  Talk to the statue and you’ll learn that you need to complete a bounty.  Select one of the available bounties, complete it and return to Calus.  You’ll get your first Tribute.

Step 3: Place your first Tribute

Place your first tribute in the location marked on the map and it will open a new area.  This second hall is where the majority of the other Tributes will go.  In this room you will need to complete 18 different Tributes before getting access to the mission that will unlock Bad Juju.


Step 4:  Completing the other 17 Tributes

You will need to complete a lot of other tributes in this section of the quest.  You need to purchase these from the Calus statue and that can be done with a combination of materials and glimmer.  If you are needing these materials you can always farm them or head to Spider in the Tangled Shore.  You can also complete Triumphs in the The Tribute Hall section of the Triumphs section of the menu.  There are numerous Triumphs to complete and you can pick which ones you want to do.  You can purchase some from Calus or your can unlock them in the Triumphs > Destination> The Tribute Hall section, however you want to get to the total amount required which will trigger the next part of the quest.

Step 5:  Complete The Other Side Mission

At this point you may have noticed that there is a chest in the middle of the room.  Once you’ve completed the 18 required tributes talk to Calus and you will see that there is a mission available for you in the Tribute Hall.  The Other Side is fairly straight forward mission and the power level isn’t very high.  After defeating the boss of the mission you will jump back through a portal into the Tribute Hall.

Step 6: Collect Bad Juju

Once you’re back in the Tribute Hall, the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle will be in the chest that is in the middle of the room.  That is the end of the Bad Juju quest line.