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Call of Duty Servers Experiencing Problems For Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 & Modern Warfare

by William Schwartz


It looks like Multiplayer Servers are down across the board for Call of Duty titles to ring in the new year.  Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Modern Warfare Remastered are currently inaccessible when trying to play online.  While the Call of Duty Online Services website says that all three are working, when trying to play these games on both the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One users are greeted with an error message.

Social Media is currently flooded with complaints about not being able to play online at the moment.  With the holiday going on, apparently there’s no one at Activision to help with the problem.  Last night @ATVIAssit tweeted that they are going offline but should be back later today.  Over 14 hours ago, the company tweeted that they were aware of an issue with people not being able to connect to COD servers and that they were investigating the issue.

There has been no update since.  Some people are saying that it’s the infamous Lizard Squad behind the downtime.

While some users are reporting that restarting your console will allow you to connect to servers.  We tried this method and it does not appear to be working, with error codes still popping up after restarting.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is an extended problem, and what type of ETA Activision has to get Call of Duty servers back online.

Update:  It appears that Xbox One servers for Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are working after updating the games.

Update #2:  PlayStation servers for Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare are now available after title updates.

- This article was updated on:January 1st, 2017

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