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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Receives New Blood Anvil Mission Team

by Mike Guarino


The updates are still coming for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, with Infinity Ward doing what they can to try and keep people interested in the series’ latest entry. This time they’re doing that by adding a new mission team to the game, which is called Blood Anvil and was actually leaked earlier this year.

Blood Anvil functions similarly to how the other mission teams do, as they will come with their own tasks that you have to complete in order to level up and gain rewards. Camo and different weapon variants are included, with the update being live across all supported platforms. A trailer was released to introduce you to the new team and Commander Victor Krushkin, which you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Despite being generally well-received when it launched last year, Infinite Warfare has definitely been a low point for the series in terms of fan reception. Fans did not react well when it was revealed that Infinity Ward would be taking the series to outer space, and that response has only gotten worse in the months since launch. It seems many want the series to go back to a more simplistic and streamlined experience rather than a futuristic one, which is hard to argue with.

It does seem like things will be taken in a different direction for the next installment in the series, with rumors suggesting that developer Sledgehammer Games will be taking Call of Duty 2017 back to a World War II setting. It would definitely be great to see considering that the series been much more futuristic-focused for the past few years, as many would love to have a CoD without jet packs or wall running again.

Whatever ends up happening, it likely won’t be too much longer until we know where the series is heading next. It’s usually around May when we get the first trailer, followed by the inevitable November release for the full game.

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