Call of Duty: Warzone Players Can Sample Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer This Weekend

Sample a portion of last year's Call of Duty.

by Brandon Adams

In a blog post over on their website, publisher Activision announced a free weekend of sorts for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode. I say “of sorts,” because it’s limited to those with the Call of Duty: Warzone client (a standalone install for those who do not own Modern Warfare). Oh, and it’s only two maps and a handful of of game modes.

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The free weekend starts Friday April 3rd at 10am PST, and will run all the way until 10am PST Monday April 6th. It’s being added to the standalone Call of Duty: Warzone client, so players won’t have to download Modern Warfare to take part (but they will have to update Warzone).

Anyone who already plays Modern Warfare will recognize this for what it is: its a single Moshpit playlist being made available to players within Warzone. This isn’t a bad thing when you stop and think of it: it’s a simple rotation of maps and modes that’ll showcase what makes Modern Warfare’s multiplayer a blast without smothering potential buyers under the game’s full weight. All progress made in Warzone carries over (they share a similar progression system), and players will find the “Stocked Up, Locked Down” 24/7 Playlist in the main lobby.

The maps on offer are Atlas Superstore and Shoot House. Players can expect to take part in a variety of team-based modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, and more (Kill Confirmed will be in there). For more information and some tips for each map you can check out the announcement post over on Activision’s website.

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