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Celebrate Smite’s Third Birthday With A Week Long Event

by Joel Santana


It’s that time of the year again, where the whole Smite community comes together to celebrate the birthday of Hi-Rez Studios popular free-to-play MOBA.

For those who are new to the game and don’t know what to expect from the week long celebration, it’s simple. As everyday during the birthday event, Hi-Rez Studios will have a new in-game bonus go live once the server refreshes such as triple xp, free gems, cutesy avatar and more just for playing the game.

Alongside new daily events go live, Hi-Rez Studios will also be turning on the double log-in bonus meaning that you can earn up to 100 gems just for logging into the game throughout the week.

For the full details of this event check out them out below:

  • Tuesday, March 21st
    • 3x Worshipers
    • 25% off the Roman Pantheon Chest
  • Wednesday, March 22nd
    • 50% off all Voice Packs
    • 25% off Hindu Pantheon Chest
  • Thursday, March 23rd
    • 50% off all purchasable Ward Skins and Avatars
    • 25% off Greek Pantheon Chest
  • Friday, March 24th
    • Unlock a free Enigma Chest roll for each First Win of the Day (9 max!)
    • 25% off Chinese Pantheon Chest
  • Saturday, March 25th
    • 2x Everything
    • 25% off Mayan Pantheon Chest
  • Sunday, March 26th
    • Earn 90 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day
    • 25% off Norse Pantheon Chest
  • Monday, March 27th
    • Earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll after 1 First Win of the Day (only on first win)
    • All Pantheon Chests 25% off

In addition to having a week long filled with new daily bonuses, Hi-Rez Studio also has some other treats for the community that they will reveal “soon”. Such as earning your very first win of the day during the week long event will also net you a Birthday Global Emote.

Alongside earning a new global emote during the event, Hi-Rez Studios is also holding another Community Skin contest much like last year that saw the community vote on the Fallen Lord Skin for Chronos.

Those interested on voting on the next community skin for Smite can expect more news this coming Tuesday.

Aside from the week long celebration, Hi-Rez Studios is set to host yet another patch notes show that will see Poseidon’s remodel finally be revealed and more. Check back with us during the week to see what’s in store for Smite in the upcoming 4.5 patch later during the week.

Smite is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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