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China adds new video game restrictions


China recently lift the video game ban which means gamers will finally getting some of the latest video games and consoles in China’s market. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any regulations as to what gets approved or disapproved in China’s market. A government release states the regulations as to what will be allowed into the country.

A government release from Shanghai (translated by Games in Asia) was sent out going over the length regulations and laws placed for video games. For instance, consoles can be produced in China but they must be done through a local partner and operate through Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Video game’s on the other hand must be approved by the culture department where the approval process will take 20 days. Some of the reasons a game may not get approved is if the content features but not limited to the following.

  • Gambling
  • Violations related to China’s constitution
  • Threats to China’s national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity
  • Anything that could harm China’s reputation and security
  • Racial or ethnic hatred including cultures
  • Obscenity, drug use or violence
  • Insults or slander
  • Violation to China’s laws

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