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Civilization 6 Announced, Brings Big Changes To The Series

by Mike Guarino


The next entry in the long-running Civilization series has been announced, with Civilization 6 set to be a big change for the series. The game is being developed by the people responsible for the Brave New World and Gods and Kings expansions for Civilization 5, who will be bringing some interesting new ideas to the Civilization formula.

In the new game cities will no longer be stacked on one hexagonal tile, with settlements now being spread into several different districts that appear on multiple tiles. This essentially allows for more variety and more space to work with to expand your metropolis. Other changes include more active research, agenda-fueled AI leaders, quicker multiplayer and a lot more that will be detailed in the coming months.

Lead Designer, Ed Beach, said the following about the game and how they tweaked just about everything they could with the latest entry in the series: “We went into this very ambitiously. We had all the systems working well there in Brave New World, but we decided to take a new look at everything. Everything is tweaked one way or another. Nothing is identical.”

Civilization 6 is set to launch for the PC on October 21st. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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