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Civilization Revolution 2 ‘Plus’ Rated For PlayStation Vita In Europe


Have you ever wanted to play a Civilization game on the go? Wanted to build your empire and fight the nefarious Ghandi while you are chilling in bed? Well, now you can…on your mobile devices. However, the popular mobile game Civilization Revolution 2 looks to be coming to a handheld gaming device, other than your phone according to a PEGI rating for Europe.

Civilization Revolution was a cartoony streamlined version of the beloved Civilization franchise and it looks like a sequel will be making it’s way to the PlayStation platform via a Civilization Revolution 2 Plus edition. The PEGI page lists the game for the PlayStation Vita, suitable for those 12 years old and up for “Non realistic looking violence towards human characters” which is about par for the series as a whole.

No word on a release date for the game, but at least it seems like despite recent comments of the Vita being a ‘legacy’ platform in the eyes of console maker, the game might be getting some pretty cool games coming its way in the coming months. I personally love the Civilization franchise and will be looking to get my hands on a mobile version to take with me everywhere, especially on the Vita.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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