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Comanche Announced at Gamescom, Early Access Starts Next Year

THQ reviving a forgotten franchise.

by Alex Levine


Talk about coming out of nowhere. During the Opening Night ceremony of Gamescom, THQ Nordic announced a brand new IP, a complete revival of a long forgotten franchise, Comanche. Whats Comanche you ask? Well it’s one of the original air combat simulators, particularly helicopters. The game is being developed by Nukklear, a studio under THQ Nordic, and they are giving the series a huge face lift, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

From what we can tell the game will have an emphasis for online multiplayer and feature team-based combat and strategy. You’ll be able to switch from a third-person perspective to a first person one, switching from being able to see the actual Comanche to looking from within the cockpit. You can also use drones to dogfight in close quarters as well as sabotage the enemies base and secure it for yourself.

No specific platform/console was announced for Comanche, but it will more than likely be coming out for PC at the very least, with the possibility of other systems later. Comanche will be available for Early Access starting sometime in 2020, with the Alpha and possibly the Beta scheduled for later this year.

You can watch the reveal trailer here:

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