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There is No Comparison to Bulletstorm

by William Schwartz


In an industry ripe with copycats, all wanting to capitalize off of the successes of their competitors it’s natural that Bulletstorm is compared to other modern first person shooters.  One of the game’s collaborators, Cliff Bleszinksi took to twitter to express that is not the case with Bulletstorm.  Most that have played the demo can agree that Bulletstorm is a couple of things, first it’s not your average first person shooter.  A first person shooter, yes, but an experience that you have had before, not likely.

Well said.  Having had my turns at the demo, I think he’s absolutely spot on with this one.  However, there is one problem I think Bulletstorm will have.  Gamers are so used to playing the types of first person shooters that were parodied in the Duty Calls bit, that when you get into a game like Bulletstorm that has so many varying elements and ways to tackle a level or opponent, you can become quite lost..quickly.

People that are used to the shooting gallery approach to first person shooters, aren’t likely going to get the full Bulletstorm experience, which is the trial and error process of “yeah that was cool, but can I do it better”.  With so many people calling for innovation in the FPS market, if they don’t like Bulletstorm then I guess there just sick and tired of FPS overall.

The Bulletstorm demo is still up on the Xbox Live Marketplace and can be downloaded free of charge HERE. The demo is also available at the PlayStation Store.  Bulletstorm will launch later this month on February 22nd, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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