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Concurrent Player Count In World Of Warcraft ‘Highest In Recent Memory’

by Anthony Decicco


It’s no secret that World Of Warcraft has dropped in players and subscribers over the years, so much in fact that Blizzard Entertainment have stopped sharing numbers with the public. Blame it on a plentiful amount of other free-to-play MMO’s out there or that many believe that World Of Warcraft’s style is just dated. However, it seems that the recent release of the Legion expansion has injected some life into the stagnant community.

During a Blizzard panel at PAX West they cited the great fan and critical reception for World Of Warcraft: Legion stating, “The early reviews are coming in, they’re really positive. Fan reception has been phenomenal.” The panel which can be viewed on Twitch (Blizzard panel starts at 03:15) weighs in at about an hour. Luis Barriga, lead game designer on Legion continues by saying, “Concurrency – we’ve had to check and triple check our numbers, because it’s the highest they’ve been in recent memory. Several years, for sure.”

Although concurrency doesn’t necessarily mean that the subscriber count has increased, but more players can equal good word of mouth and increased subscribers either down the line or in the immediate future. Personally, I know several friends who have resubbed just because of the release of World Of Warcraft: Legion.

World Of Warcraft: Legion is now available for PC.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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